Installing Shop Lights

First make sure that your package includes the following parts: 


Installation Instructions: 

Part 1

1) Mark the ceiling with two anchor points. The distance between the anchor points should be approximately 44 inches. 

2) Drill two pilot holes on the marks. If you are installing the strip light on drywall or ceiling tiles- first drill holes to fit the wall plugs and insert the wall plugs. 

3) Insert the screws into the mounting studs. With the flange toward the ceiling screw the studs firmly into the ceiling on both anchor points. 


Part 2 - Please note that the longer cables have a hook at one end and are free at the other end. 

1) Thread the free end of the cable through each threaded fitting and through the side hold of each stud. 

2) Screw the threaded fittings into the mounting studs on each anchor point. 

3) Adjust the length of hte cables to approximately the required length by pulling cables through the spring-loaded holes of the studs. 


To make the hanging length shorter- simply pull the long cable through the spring-loaded holes in the hanging studs. 

To make the hanging length longer- push the release buttons on the side of the spring-loaded studs and pull the cable back. 

Once the light fitting has been mounted and adjusted to the required height, there may be excess cable protruding from the stud holes. To allow future re-location of the light we recommend that you coil and tie the excess instead of cutting it! 

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