What could I use outside my home?

While our bulbs are rated for outdoor use in damp environments, not all items from the list below are approved for direct contact with water elements such as rain, sleet or snow. If our bulbs get rained on or accumulate water, they will be damaged and may no longer work. 

Our bulbs are perfect for use in covered and/or enclosed outdoor fixtures, where they will not come in direct contact with water! Underneath the eaves of houses, under the hoods of mounted floodlight fixtures or inside lamp posts are common and safe applications for our bulbs.  

PAR Series - This 40 degree beam spotlight with a clear cover is great for illuminating the sides of houses, as well as lighting up front of backyards in covered floodlight fixtures. Use a few PAR38 bulbs high up on a wall to light up a yard, or the PAR16 in-ground fixtures to add a nice touch to the walkway!

Candelabra Series - These screw-in 40W replacement bulbs provide great accent lighting in wall-mounted lantern style fixtures for your porch. Bright enough to light up an entryway but not bright enough to blind your guests, our candelabra series is a popular outdoor choice.

Security light - These lights are great to light up your front yard or driveway if you need to have motion-sensing lights.  You can adjust the heads of the fixture, changing the direction of the
light. The IP65 weatherproof rating ensures that your LED motion security light can stand up to the elements. 

Solar lights - Ideal for illuminating and securing outdoor areas during the night. Thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery, buying or replacing a battery is now a thing of the past! The 3.7V Li-Ion battery has an energy charge capacity of 2,000mAh and a charge time of 6-8 hours. Hyperikon’s solar-powered light fixture has a Motion detector and a photocell, making sure it operates only at night when you need it to. It has 3 adjustable lighting modes.

If you're not sure what you need, feel free to give us a call, we are happy to offer other options! 888-846-4973.

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