Order Complimentary Tombstones here

Make installation a little bit simpler and head over to our store to put in an order for tombstones. 

Tombstones are available in the following shapes and sizes: 

G13 end (medium) 

G13 end (large - wired)

G13 end (large - nonwired) 

Fa8 end (nonwired) 


Which end do you have? 

If you have a 2, 4, or 5 foot tube and there are 2 pins on the end you may have a G13 end!

(Please note- If you have a T5 high output tube, the G13 tombstones are not compatible with this  tube. Please keep the tombstones original to the fixture for installation.)

If you have an 8 foot tube with one pin on the end then you have an Fa8 end!



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