Why Are My Bulbs Buzzing?

Needless to say, our bulbs aren't supposed to buzz! If they're buzzing, it can usually be tracked to a couple of different causes:

1) LED bulbs will experience various problems if they are not on a LED-compatible dimmer switch, including buzzing, flickering and ghost currents. Please ensure that the bulbs are being used on a dimmer that is compatible with LED products. For more information on LED dimmer switches, please click here

Alternatively, you can place the bulbs on a non-dimmable switch. This usually fixes the issue entirely. 

2) LED lighting is a fairly new technology, and sometimes it doesn't play nice with the wiring and circuitry in older homes. If the circuitry in your home is older than 25 years, it may cause the newer LED tech the same problems as an incompatible dimmer switch. If you are committed to making the switch to LED, you may want to reconsider rewiring the parts of your home that you want to put LED bulbs in. 


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