My Tube Isn't Lighting Up!

Oh man, that's not good! Let's get those tubes working.

Please make sure that your tubes are wired correctly for the type of power they need. For instance, our Single-End Power tubes will need both live and neutral power on the same side of the tube. If you have electricity of any kind going to opposite ends of this type of tube, they will not light up.  

Our Dual-End-Power tubes work the opposite way – they will need electricity going to both ends of the tube – one end live, one end neutral. If both types of electricity are wired to the same side of these tubes, they will not light up.  

If they're wired correctly and still not lighting up, there are a few other things to consider.  

If you purchased Ballast-Compatible tubes, please be advised that the tubes may still have compatibility issues, as they have problems with older ballasts and are rated best for newer, electronic ballasts. For best results, please bypass the ballast in your installation.  

If you are using Dual-End Power tubes, please take the tube out of the sockets and turn it 180 degrees, so that different ends of the tube are receiving different types of power. This is a common fix that should work!

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