How to install Corn Bulbs

First, identify the base that your fixture has. 

Most likely, you have either a Medium Screw Base (E26) or a Large Screw Base (E39)

 E26                                  E39



If you don't have the correct base, no worries! We have complimentary adapters that we can provide you with. Simply contact our customer service team and we will send them to you directly. 

Installation Instructions: 

1. Turn off the circuit breaker and AC switch before working on the light fixture. 

2. If necessary, remove the cover from the light fixture according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

3. Carefully remove the old bulb and dispose of it according to federal, state and local laws. 

4. Ensure the light fixture is designed to accommodate a Corn Light. 

5. Ensure that the fixture is not an emergency battery supplied fixture. If it is an emergency battery supplied fixture, disconnect the battery. 

6. Remove the ballast, ignitor, and capacitor according to the picture (see attached) 

7. Install the Hyperikon Electric LED Corn Light in the light fixture. Ensure that the bulb is seated firmly. 

8. Put the cover back on according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

9. Turn on the circuit breaker and AC switch. 

10. Turn on the on/off switch to verify proper operation. 

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