Installing 5/6" Downlights

Please note - LED Downlight installation requires knowledge of electrical systems. If you are not qualified to do these please contact an electrician.

Before installing please read through instructions and be sure that power is turned off at the fuse box or circuit breaker. 

First, make sure the cans you have for this downlight are compatible. Dimensions of the housing should be as follows:

Height - 4.5" to 5.5"

Diameter - 5" to 6" 

You can adjust the mounting width of the light by moving the spring wire brackets held by the retaining screws. 

Installation Guide: 

1) Make sure the power is turned off at the source that provides power to the recessed housings. Once the power has been turned off, remove the existing trim and bulb. 

2) Unscrew the lamp socket mounting bracket inside the recessed housing. Unclip the lamp socket from the bracket and discard the bracket. 

3) Screw the Edison base adapter into the socket. 

4) Plug the female connector of the retrofit kit into the male connector of the socket adapter. 

5) Squeeze the spring wires of the retrofit kit together and insert them inside the housing retaining bracket. Carefully tuck all wires inside and gently push the retrofit kit up into recessed housing. 

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