Installing U-Bent Tubes

Please note- This product requires knowledge of florescence lighting luminaries electrical systems. I not qualified do not attempt instillation. Contact a qualified electrician. 

Installation Instructions:

1) Switch off the power from the source. 

2) Remove fluorescent tube.

3) Remove ballast/wiring cover. 

4) Cut off all wires connected to the ballast and/or remove the ballast completely. 

5) Locate the live wire coming directly from your home/ceiling. Run the live power to one tombstones in the fixture. 

6) Locate the neutral wire coming directly from your home/ceiling. Run the neutral power to the other tombstone. Be sure you are not wiring live and neutral to the same tombstones. 

7) Install the U-Bent tube

8) Switch power on. Add in stickers notating that the fixture has been modified for LED fixtures. 


If the tube doesn't quite fit, you can remove the plastic piece in between the ends for more flexibility. 




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