What could I use for my kitchen?

Here are the bulb types that we would recommend for your kitchen:

BR Series - This wide-angle floodlamp with a frosted cover ensures an even and soft distribution of light from your recessed cans. These bulbs work great on LED dimmer switches and all ceiling heights from 8' to 15'. BR series bulbs are great for circuits of four or more lights that are used to light up an entire room with the same kind of light!

Downlights - this wide-angle recessed downlight works great in the same applications as our BR series bulbs. With a clean, flush look, they work well with compatible cans for great lighting and aesthetics!

PAR Series - This narrow-beam spotlight with a clear cover provides excellent concentrated light onto islands, bars, and other cooking surfaces. Use these in track lighting or over stovetops for incredible detail-oriented light!

MR16 - This smaller, pin-based bulb works well in the same places as our PAR series bulbs where a narrow beam is desired. Being a low-voltage bulb, be sure that the track fixture they're being used in is compatible with 12v bulbs.

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