What Light Temperature Should I Buy?

Choosing the light temperature in your home all comes down to a matter of preference. Keeping in mind that a lower number means a warmer light and a higher number means a whiter light, you may want different types of light throughout your home. Here are some examples of where different light temperatures are more commonly used:

2700K (Warm White): Most commonly used in powder rooms, lounges, dining rooms, anywhere where ambiance is desired.

3000K (Soft Light): This is widely considered our most versatile temperature. It's used in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even outside on porches. 

4000K (Daylight White): Popular for all uses, as this is the closest color to natural sunlight. Great in overhead kitchen lighting, garages and commercial spaces.

5000K (Crystal White): Preferential light that can be used in a home, but is mostly used in detail-oriented environments such as woodshops and maintenance garages, commercial spaces, warehouses, etc. 

6000K (Super Bright White): This is the coldest kelvin temperature we offer! This is commonly used in hospitals, sport areas, warehouses, etc.

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