What color temperature should I buy?

Choosing the light temperature in your home all comes down to a matter of preference. Keep in mind that a lower number means a warmer light and a higher number means a whiter-blueish light. You may want different types of light throughout your home. Here are some examples of where different light temperatures are more commonly used:

2700K (Warm White): Most commonly used in powder rooms, lounges, dining rooms, anywhere where ambiance is desired.


3000K (Soft Light): This is widely considered our most versatile temperature. It's used in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even outside on porches. 


4000K (Daylight White): Popular for all uses, as this is the closest color to natural sunlight. Great in overhead kitchen lighting, garages, and some commercial spaces.


5000K (Crystal White): Preferential light that can be used in a home, but is mostly used in detail-oriented environments such as woodshops and maintenance garages, commercial spaces, warehouses, etc. 


6000K (Super Bright White): This is the coldest kelvin temperature we offer! This is commonly used in offices, hospitals, sports areas, warehouses, etc.


If you're not sure what you need, feel free to give us a call, we are happy to offer other options! 888-846-4973.

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