What Dimmer Should I Choose?

*For Residential Lights only.*

Looking for the right dimmer?

When selecting a dimmer, you must make sure that it’s LED Compatible; just because a certain brand of dimmer indicates that it is LED-Compatible doesn’t mean it’s going to work. The reason for this is because our LED bulbs are considered electronic devices that work on low wattage and voltage. The driver within our LED lamps don’t require as much electricity like normal incandescent bulbs, that is the reason why we recommend Reverse phase/(ELV) Dimmers. 

Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer (ELV)

ELV Dimmers are used to control electronic low voltage transformers and dimmable LED power supplies. For example: ELV track lighting, Led strips and under cabinet lighting. For installation ELV Dimmers need a neutral wire.

Gladly, our Hyperikon dimmer will work as well, however, you must keep in mind that you must use a minimum wattage consumption of 130W to avoid any interference or issues with the bulbs.

Example: If you have one bulb with 7W each connected to a 150W dimmer, that means your total wattage consumption is 7W but there are still 143W that are being absorbed by the dimmer and being directed to the bulb which cannot take this much energy which will eventually cause it to buzz, flicker and/or burn out. Please call us if you have any questions! 888-846-4973 or submit a request
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