Why Do I Need a LED-Compatible Dimmer Switch?

LED bulbs are made different than regular light bulbs! They're basically a small computer that emits light! They have chips, diodes, and drivers instead of filaments and gases, like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. This means that LED bulbs can shine brightly on much, much less power!

Because LED bulbs are so different on the inside, they need to be on a dimmer switch that's made to work specifically with them if they're going to be dimmed. LED-compatible dimmer switches do a better job of controlling the electrical current that comes from the home into the bulbs. 

Without a LED-compatible dimmer, LED bulbs are likely to either buzz, flicker or not turn completely off. This is because the current going into them on an incandescent dimmer switch is too powerful for the LED bulbs that are designed to run on less electricity!

Please click here for a list of suggested dimmer switches for our bulbs! 

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