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If you are looking for discounts or promotions, you might see pop-ups on our site offering a discount code if you sign up to our newsletter. However, if there are no promotions being advertised, the next best option would be to take advantage of our Make Us An Offer button. You will find this button in all of our products.

We appreciate every customer for choosing Hyperikon for their lighting purposes. We understand converting to LED's may be expensive at time and that is the reason we try to provide the best in prices. Our website provides the opportunity to offer how much you are willing to pay.

After you select the item you are interested in, whether it’s a bulb, tube or fixture, you will find the button below the add to cart. 


Keep in mind that you might have several pack sizes to choose from, so the offer depends on the pack that you select. The unit is the pack size you select.

Example: If you select a 4-pack and then enter the quantity of (12), you are about to make an offer for (48) bulbs in total. The price you would offer would be for each pack size, not for the total of 48 bulbs. 


Once you decide what price you would like to offer, fill out the remaining information (shipping address, e-mail address, and/or phone number) Remember, we all like a good offer, but let’s be reasonable folks.

Your offer will be reviewed by one of our sales representatives, and if approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link to complete your purchase.

Don’t worry, we hardly reject an offer, if your offer does not meet the requirements we will provide you with a counter-offer for the items in question. At the end of the day everybody wins.

NOTE: If your order exceeds the amount of $500, feel free to call us to speak with a Sales Representative at (888) 846-4973. One of our reps will be more than happy to cater to your needs by providing bulk pricing and answering any additional questions.

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