What is the difference between Single-ended and Dual-ended tubes? 

We hear this question very often and it is a very common misconception. Most of the time, a buyer might think a single-ended (SEP) tube has one pin at the end and a dual-ended (DEP) tube has two pins at each end. Almost all our tubes have 2 pins on both ends, except for our 8ft tubes. The difference between SEP and DEP is the way you will have to wire fixture for the tube to work. For example, with a Dual-ended tube, you install power to BOTH ends. Both pins on one end will be connected to live and the pins on the other end will be connected to neutral. 

The Single-ended tube is a little bit different. With a single-ended tube you will install power to ONE end only. The side of the tubes that will be wired will say "AC INPUT." On this side, you will connect one pin to lie and the other to neutral. The other end of the tube has two pins that are only used to hold up the tube. 

Both installations work perfectly fine and have no difference when it comes to performance. If you have more questions, feel free to call us at 888-846-4973. 



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