What do the different colors on the wires mean?

There are several different combinations that can be used, and they are not always the same, but the most commonly found in the US would be a black wire (LIVE) and a white wire (NEUTRAL).

You can see different combinations as well, not just black and white, here are a few:

BLUE/RED: The red wire is typically LIVE, and the blue is NEUTRAL. 

BLACK/BROWN: The brown wire is typically LIVE, and the black is NEUTRAL.

BROWN/BLUE: The brown wire is typically LIVE, and the blue is NEUTRAL.

GREEN WIRE: Some fixtures will have a green wire present, and that is the GROUND wire. If you do not see a GROUND wire on your fixture, the fixture itself is already grounded. 

PURPLE/GRAY: Purple and gray wires means that the fixture can be used with a dimmer. Those wires are intended to be connected to a dimmer switch, if you are not going to be using them you are able to cap them off individually with a wire nut.

If you are not sure which wire is neutral or live, please use a voltmeter to be 100% certain. 

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